Frequently Asked Questions

for Employers

Our reports, unlike most, focus on your candidate’s reputation – in other words, their answers in the assessments reveal what others say about them based on their past behaviour rather than how they perceive themselves. Past behaviour is the best indication of performance so you can accurately predict their future success.

In a word, No. We are not a recruitment company, in fact, we are the opposite. 3DV works under the ethical belief that people should be in jobs and companies that fit with who they are. A happy employee is one who stays. Plus we don’t work on commission so our sole interest is helping you hire the best possible person to fit your role and company.

Once you’ve shortlisted your candidates we can come in and assist you. The ideal number is 2-4 candidates and we can feed back the results to you once they’re all completed or individually. If you only have 1 prospective candidate, that is fine too.

Four things:

  1. A feedback phone call regarding candidate suitability (with an expert)
  2. A bespoke written report (by a human not an algorithm)
  3. Peace of mind about an important hiring decision
  4. Further conversations, advice or correspondence if needed.

No. We stand by our work. If you are unsatisfied with our service you will not be sent an invoice.

This is an understandable concern although in our experience it doesn’t happen. Pre-hiring assessments are now part of the modern recruitment process so most candidates are used to it. If they are not and express concern, we can help you explain, in a straightforward manner the benefit to completing the assessment.

We absolutely can! If you would like to discuss this please get in touch. At least 50% of our clients engage us to provide an ‘on-boarding’ session for their newest recruit to help them hit the ground running.

Yes. Our assessment tool of choice is fully approved and positively reviewed by the governing body, The British Psychological Society. It is also the same tool used by the top headhunting firms in the world. We are happy to provide further information about this at request.

No. All questions have been constructed, tested and ratified by the appropriate bodies to ensure they have no adverse impact or discriminate against any peoples.

The British Psychological Society who set best practice for psychometric assessments highly advocate giving ‘understandable’ feedback to anyone who has taken an assessment. 3DV are able to send detailed reports on the candidates results directly to the candidate or via you. This also looks good for your brand as it shows that even if they were unsuccessful you have made an effort to further their development.

We can turn around assessments and feedbacks within 36-48 hours. We have done this quicker as long as the candidate is pre-warned about the need to complete an assessment and as long as they have an hour to spare.

In statistical terms, it is twice as accurate as interviewing is. We can provide evidence of this on request. We recommend that the most accurate way to assess an individual’s likely job performance is through a combination of subjective processes (interviewing, CV etc) and objective processes (3DV).


Frequently Asked Questions

for Candidates

Absolutely! If you would like to see your results please initially speak to your prospective employer.

The assessment takes roughly 45 minutes to complete.

No, you don’t have to take the assessment. However, it will allow your prospective employer to manage and motivate you better, it should also help them understand you from the get-go.

Not taking the assessment might disqualify you from progressing further in the selection process, but this is up to each individual employer.

No. The assessments are not pass or fail and there are no right or wrong answers, only differences in preference. You may find that your answer to any one question may change depending on the context. This is entirely normal and to be expected.

No, absolutely not. What’s more, the 3DV consultants do not know the name, therefore gender, race etc, of candidates. They are only interpreting the assessment results provided by the candidates.

We will discuss the results in the context of your potential employment with them. You too will receive an insights report about your assessment scores.

All of the assessments are completed online. We need your e-mail address to send you over the link to the portal as well as your login details.

No, absolutely not. We are only one part of the hiring process, bringing an objective perspective, to help your prospective employer make a decision.


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