About 3DV

At 3DV we believe that the most engaged employees are the most productive. We want to help SMEs grow by making their own, successful hires – objectively, quickly and affordably – by making better hiring decisions.
Our clients achieve this by using our personality assessments and personalised feedback calls as part of a structured hiring process to select their best employees. And as we are not recruiters we act completely independently, providing fast, objective advice.

What makes 3DV different?



Our assessment process focuses on a candidate's reputation, how others see them rather than how they see themselves, giving you a more accurate prediction of their future success.


Personal Service

Accredited experts analyse each assessment and feed it back to you personally over the phone so you can discuss cultural fit, reputation and suitability of candidates.



We are not recruiters and our fee is not attached to any particular candidate. Our assessment does not distinguish between race, gender or sexual orientation so we can help you bring greater objectivity and fairness to the hiring process.


3DV Hiring Assessment

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3DV Hiring Assessment - Download your free sample now